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Accessory Genie - Consumer Electronics and Accessories Industry News

Accessory Genie - Consumer Electronics and Accessories Industry News

03/06/2015 03:39 PM
Mouse Traps and Sticky Pads
Mouse Traps come in all different shapes and sizes. There are the classic ones you throw a piece of cheese on the end of and hope the critter doesn't outsmart you. There are also the humane traps that allow you to safely catch and release the mice. Lastly is the classic game Mouse Trap, which asks you to build a contraption to catch a mouse using a marble. Whatever the style of mouse trap
02/20/2015 04:36 PM
Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun
… that’s the statement of the great sounds of the BassPULSE 2MX. Although slightly altered, this classic jingle is recognized by many. Whether you were a child watching the commercials during summer vacation, or an adult actually purchasing the chewing gum at the store, this jingle holds a special place in all of our hearts. Now that this walk down memory lane has gotten your attention, you’ll
02/06/2015 04:45 PM
For serious cyclists like ourselves, we’ve all battled the dangerous elements of darkness. Having to dip and dodge through traffic without getting hit is like something out of the classic game, Frogger. Outside of traffic, are the numerous road obstacles standing in our way: Bumps, Bugs and Road Kill. Nothing kills a cyclist’s groove like bugs to the face, a bump at high speeds or riding